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Housing crisis is raging across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

All across our beautiful island, worsening housing conditions, a shortage of affordable housing, and housing security issues are observed.   A study conducted jointly by the Municipalities of Newfoundland and Labrador and the organization Choices for Youth analyzed housing conditions in 11 communities across the province through interviews with key figures and focus groups including municipal...

City of St. John’s Receives over $10.4 Million from Housing Accelerator Fund

The city of St. John’s is set to invest $10.4 million in programs aimed at addressing the housing crisis. According to estimates, the city currently needs between 1025 and 1335 new housing units, with this need potentially rising to 3610-5310 units by 2033.   Funding for these initiatives will be provided by the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF). It is planned to allocate these funds to construct...


The Canadian government continues to implement initiatives to improve housing accessibility for its citizens. Housing remains a key focus area for the government, and collaboration with municipalities and other stakeholders is crucial to achieving this goal.   On February 26, 2024, an agreement was announced between the Canadian government and the city of Mount Pearl to expedite housing...

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