Building a great relationship with your management company is the key to success for real estate professionals. Good communication breeds reliability and confidence that your needs are being met.


We have prepared some tips for you to communicate effectively with your property management company.


  1. Clear expectations: Define your property management needs and communicate them clearly to the manager. Specify what repairs, maintenance and operations are required for your property.
  2. Regular contact: Ensure regular contact with the management company. It is necessary to discuss current issues, communicate about planned work and respond to requests in a timely manner. Be flexible and ready to discuss issues that arise.
  3. Written means of communication: Ask about important aspects via e-mail or written messages for clarity and tracking of dialogue. Make decisions based on written confirmation to avoid misunderstandings.
  4. Constructive Feedback: Provide feedback to the property manager to improve their work and collaboration process. Make suggestions, share your observations and propose solutions to improve the quality of service delivery. A good management company will value your opinion and take it to heart.
  5. Understanding Rights and Responsibilities: Learn your rights as a property owner and responsibilities as a manager. Pay attention to the terms of the contract, the obligation to perform work and financial management procedures. Understand that your management company cannot circumvent the Residential Tenancies Act to appease requests from you or your tenants.
  6. Transparency and Openness: It is important that both parties are open about their actions and decisions. Be transparent in your exchange of information and documentation to avoid misunderstandings to ensure you are represented the best way possible by your management company!
  7. Conflict Resolution: Be open to constructive dialogue and compromise.



These tips will help you communicate effectively with your property management company and ensure a harmonious and productive relationship.

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