Prepare Your Rental Before You Go Ho Ho Home For The Holidays

The upcoming holidays can be a great opportunity to relax and have fun before the new year. Some choose to stay at home and relax, while others choose to visit friends and family or vacation to another country.

Before you go on your adventure, make sure your home is safe. We will give you basic tips to avoid any surprises when you return.


🔌    Heating and electrical appliances. Strike a balance between a reasonable budget and a safe home. Before leaving, turn off unnecessary electrical appliances and other optional equipment. Lower the heating temperature. However, keep in mind that low indoor temperatures can cause pipes to leak and water to freeze. To avoid unpleasant surprises after the vacation, leave the heating at a minimum level. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets allow heat to circulate easily.


🧹  Cleanliness. Make sure your home is tidy, clean out the clutter, clean out the fridge and dispose of any perishable items that might spoil while you’re away.


🔥 Fire safety. Fire safety cannot be neglected. Review home safety measures and make sure your home is properly protected against potential hazards.


🛡️ Security. Keep valuables in a safe place and make it visible that someone is present in the house, for example, leave lights on or set timers on switches.


🐾 Pet Care. Consider creating a comfortable environment for your pets. If you can’t take them with you, make sure you give them the care they need and a safe place. Don’t forget your plants. Organize regular watering and proper lighting.


💳  Smart finances. Take care of your bills while on vacation while allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Automate bill payments or set up automatic withdrawals to ensure continued service and hassle-free payments. Such measures not only protect you from fines but also maintain a carefree atmosphere.


These simple steps will help make your vacation a relaxing one and keep your home safe during the winter holidays.

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