Tips on Staying Warm This Winter

Don’t take “chilling out” this holiday season too literally!  Follow these simple steps to avoid unnecessarily high electricity bills and to stay warm and cozy this winter!


  1. Check your windows and doors. If you see light around the edges of your interior doors, you may need an adjustment or weather stripping.

Tip for a cozy atmosphere: Use door draft for protection around doors and windows.



  1. Free up the space above the radiators. Free up space for better heat circulation from the radiators. If necessary, rearrange the furniture. Let nothing interfere with the warmth.

Tip for a cozy atmosphere. Hang thick curtains, which will not only bring STYLE to your home but will act as an additional barrier against heat leaks.



3. Insulate the balcony. If you have a balcony, use insulative measures to help prevent cold drafts.

Tip for a cozy atmosphere: use pillows, fur, lanterns and lights to create a cozy atmosphere. Get inspired and be creative.





4. Eliminate heat loss in the attic and basement, and insulate the walls of the house. Attic and basement insulation will go a long way in keeping your home warm and reducing your energy costs. Consider using insulating materials such as fibreglass or foam.

Tip for a cozy atmosphere: Organizing a storage system, racks and shelves will not only help organize the space but will also become an additional barrier.






  1. Install “smart” thermostats. Smart thermostats can help regulate temperatures more efficiently by allowing you to program specific temperature settings for different times of the day. You can save energy by lowering the temperature when you are away or sleeping.


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